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Do you know about the new way to fund Long Term Care expenses... (DVD)
Price: $169.00

11/28/2012, CLE 1.0
“Accounts Receivable Management for Lawyers” (DVD)
Price: $169.00

1/24/13, CLE 1.0
“Bloodless Litigation” How to Recognize Cross Cultural Issues in Litigation, Negotiation and Mediation (DVD)
Price: $169.00

1/31/13, CLE 1.0 Elimination of Bias
Workers’ Comp for Employment Attorneys (DVD)
Price: $169.00

3/21/13, CLE 1.5
Understanding the New 3.8% Medicare Tax and Its Applicability to Passive Activities (DVD)
Price: $169.00

5/1/13, CLE 1.0
High Tech Trouble Employees and Hackers Can Ruin a Business (Download)
Price: $169.00

5/9/13, CLE 1.0
The Collision of a Late-In-Life Divorce and Health Care (Download)
Price: $169.00

4/23/13, CLE 1.0
Managing Mediation Misconduct (Download)
Price: $169.00

5/30/13, CLE 1.0
Five Ways Planned Gifts Can Enhance Your Clients' Charitable and Financial Planning (Download)
List Price: $100.00
Price: $169.00

7/10/13, CLE 1.0
The Crowd is King: The Benefits and Legal Pitfalls of Crowdfunding (Download)
Price: $169.00

6/17/13, CLE 1.5